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Our signature program is JOURNEYMEN FOUNDATIONS. A unique 3-month group coaching program designed to support men in navigating the fatherhood journey and writing their own stories of masculinity. Men become powerfully present, intentional and directed as partners, parents and men.

The JourneyMen Framework

  • D.E.E.P.

    Discover. Engage. Embody. Project.

  • M.E.N.S.

    Mindful. Experience. Nourishment. Social Responsibility.

  • WORK

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Hear what the JourneyMen are saying:

I am grateful everyday that I took this journey.

by Seb

Jason allowed me to recenter my focus on what matters, my values, but also to be more conscious of my limitations. I came to realize a crucial fact: that my son is who I am, that he was a sponge mirroring my attitudes. Any meaningful relationship needed to start with me and that I needed to take responsibility. Change had to start with me.

I've definitely leveled up as a father, a partner and a man!


I have integrated the skills, values and concepts, achieving my specific goals and have definitely leveled up as a dad, partner and man! I use these skills and awareness in my everyday life as a guide, asking myself, “How can I embody these right now?” I live with my eyes more open and more fully. It's awesome.

Immediate connections with other men made all the difference!


I'm excited about using the tools I gained during the program to do two things: 1) Continue my initial journey to deepen my connection to my family, and 2) Use these tools to pursue new goals and self-improvement targets that I wasn't able to get to during the program.

Connecting with other guys was the key.


Connecting with other guys was key. Sharing experiences and insights was powerful. I definitely feel like more of a leader in my family. I take time to play and plan fun things. I also feel like I am having more constructive conversations with my wife - a nice change! I look forward to continued opportunities to connect with the guys and keep trying to be more of a leader in our family.

No longer triggered, I can remain chill.


In the JourneyMen Foundations program I was able to build relationships with other fathers going through similar challenges. Naming my challenges and reactivity brought them into the open in my family and made it part of the family dynamic. I’ve been able to walk into the house after work and remain chill.

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