Hey Dads, want to learn how to feel more connected, confident and fully alive at home?

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Meet Dr. Jason Frishman

Founder and Lead Guide Jason S. Frishman, PsyD

Hello and nice to meet you! My name is Jason and I'm a husband and father (2 boys!) I am a men's coach and psychologist; an adventurer and creative cook; and an everyday lover of stories! For over 25 years, my mission has to been to help boys, men and families live connected and adventurous lives, everyday! Our lives are made up of so many stories; I help men to both write and live their preferred stories. Together we build connection and presence and choose to engage in the things that are truly most meaningful. This way, we work to change the world, together! I help fathers struggling to balance work and family become more confident, connected, and fully alive.

What JourneyMen are saying:

Andrew Foxwell, JourneyMen Founder, Foxwell Digital

Tom Decker, JourneyMen Council, Chicago Green Insulation

Paul Burdette, JourneyMen Founder

More JourneyMen experiences:

The journey was inspiring, challenging, and insightful!

Jesse, JourneyMen Foundations group member

The journey was inspiring, challenging, and insightful! To that end - your program works! It forced a look at who I am as an individual, spouse, and father. I still ask my kids about daily highlights and lowlights (and chime in with my own), and I feel that the communication link is more open within the family. I have already shared the program with many of my friends!

I was triggered at home.

Isaac, JourneyMen Foundations Group Member

I was triggered at home - by screen time, by things moving beyond debate and the easy going family atmosphere I envision. I was able to build relationships with other fathers going through similar challenges. Naming my challenges and reactivity brought them into the open in my family and made it part of the family dynamic. I’ve been able to walk into the house after work and remain chill.

It's social, it's introspective, and it kicked my butt!

Chapin, JourneyMen Foundations group member

Joining the Journeymen was time dedicated for me. It's social, it's introspective, and it kicked my butt so that I could be a better person, parent and partner. I'm one of those reluctant guys that wouldn't call a therapist until my whole life fell apart. Journeymen seemed more approachable. It was an opportunity to connect with other men, learn from their similar challenges, and support one another to go deep and develop skills to more skillfully paddle through the rapids of life.

I now have tools that help me calm down, become present and parent from a place of connection and guidance.

Jay, JourneyMen Foundations group member

Doing the work with a group of like-minded men was so helpful and reassuring. "I'm not the only one" that finds being a dad challenging. Now I have tools that I can use in the moment with my son that helps me calm down, become present and parent from a place of connection and guidance, rather from frustration and overwhelm. Jason is a brilliant, funny and caring guide that I wish all men would use to make their parenting experience more enjoyable, more loving and more connected.

I now consider all of them close friends.

Paul, JourneyMen Foundations group member

I wanted to be a better father and husband, to be more present in my everyday life. I loved the structure of the program and the group in general. Although I've never met them in person, I now consider all of them close friends. I feel calmer and more present in everything I do. I have learned to live with my challenges and obstacles. I have up-leveled my character and found ways to actively live in that mindset. I am excited and committed to continue using the tools and actions that I have developed. I’m also excited to see how I can continue to grow as a man, father and husband.

I was struggling to connect with my wife and kids.

Jim, JourneyMen Foundations group member

I was struggling to connect with my wife and kids. I got flooded really easily during those important points in our week and I was not doing my best. It was not creating the family culture I wanted for us. Stressful moments stressed my relationship with my wife. Connecting with other guys was key. Sharing experiences and insights was powerful. I definitely feel like more of a leader in my family. I take time to play and plan fun things. I also feel like I am having more constructive conversations with my wife - a nice change! I look forward to ongoing connections with the guys!